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Do I have to book?



Any other times, just arrive.

Can I make my booking over the phone?

For Public Holidays Long Weekends we prefer you book online on our website (One car per booking). As we require information including address and vehicle details, it is easier and quicker when you have the information at hand to fill out the booking form yourself.

A Booking Confirmation will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Bookings are not Confirmed until you have received this email from us.

If you prefer we will take a phone booking but still require all the information that is listed on the online booking form.

Can I check my Booking-Request at any time?

Yes. Once you have submitted a Booking-Request you will be advised by email the status of your Booking-Request.

You can also return to the Booking Page at any time that you used to make your Booking-Request and enter your Booking-Request number in the query box to get the status.

Do you have vacancies?

Please Check the Calendar on our Booking Page. Bigriggen Park is usually only fully booked on Long Weekends, but bookings are also required for all other times so we can better manage numbers, staff, supplies, etc.

We also limit group size and the number of groups at any one time. Your booking will be confirmed or denied by return email within 24 hours. Bookings are not confirmed until you have received this email.

Can we join our friends that already booked?

As there are no designated sites for unpowered sites at Bigriggen Park, there is usually no problem camping close your friends.  If Bookings have closed when you try to Book, unfortunately you will not be able to camp, even though your friends have already booked earlier.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Pre-payment is only required for Long Weekend bookings, and deposits are required when booking the Bunkroom Facility.

Booking and pre- payment is required for powered sites.

Payment for camping other times is by Cash on Arrival or EFTPOS (Minimum $10.00).

Do you refund pre-paid Camping Fees?

ALL bookings cancelled with more than two (2) weeks notice
– Refund less $10 Administration Fee applies.

ALL bookings cancelled with less than two (2) weeks notice

ALL Non-arrival or stay cut short

STRICTLY NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS are given for inclement weather.

Camping fees will not be refunded if you decide to leave before your paid up to date.

Can we pay online?

YES. You can and MUST make payment prior to arrival on ALL Long Weekends

NO. Normal Times payments are made on arrival by either Cash or EFTPOS (minimum $10.00).

What are the Kiosk hours?

The Kiosk is open most days from 8.00am – 6.00pm, unless otherwise advised.

The Kiosk is ONLY open 9.00am – 11.00am on Christmas day.

How far is Bigriggen Park from the Gold Coast and Brisbane?

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes – 2 hours.

What time can I arrive?

Arrival for an unpowered sites is between 8.00am – 6.00pm and Fridays from 8.00am – 8.00pm sharp.

Arrival for a powered site is between 11.00am – 6.00pm and Fridays 11.00am – 8.00pm sharp.

We ask that you respect these hours as non-disturbance of other campers must be considered. Once setup you may come and go, but again please respect other Campers who may be asleep.

What time do I have to depart?

For powered sites check out is 11.00am. After 11.00am incurs another nights camping fee

For unpowered sites departure time is 2.00pm. After 2.00pm incurs another nights Camping Fee.

Are there hot showers?

YES. Showers are $1.00 coin operated. $1.00 gives 4 minutes of hot water.

Do I need to bring Drinking Water?

NO. Drinking Water can be found at the Amenities Block. We do advise as an extra precaution you boil the water before drinking it.

Can I bring my pet?

YES. Bigriggen Park is a pet friendly park, For all Rules go to Bigriggen Rules

You will need to fill out a pet registration form on arrival

Can I have a camp fire?

YES. Small campfires are permitted.

We sell 20kg bags of hardwood or you can bring your own providing NO NAILS, SCREWS, etc. or FIRE ANTS.

No digging of pits, etc.
You are responsible to ensure flammable materials, grass & tents are kept clear, and that your campfire is properly extinguished, (USING WATER ONLY) on departure and when you are not in attendance.

Campfires are not permitted during Fire Bans. For information on Fire Bans, go to Fire Bans

Do you sell firewood?

YES. Split hardwood in 20kg bags is available for purchase during Kiosk hours.

Do not collect firewood from Bigriggen Park or other private property without owner’s permission.

You may bring your own wood, but NO NAILS, SCREWS, etc. or FIRE ANTS.

Please, do not bring in firewood from a FIRE ANT RESTRICTED AREA.

Help stop the spread of Fire Ants and protect Bigriggen Park from Fire Ants.

Are chainsaws permitted in the Park?

NO. Chainsaws are not permitted. Campers found using chainsaws or axes on live or fallen trees will be asked to leave.

For all Bigriggen Rules go to Bigriggen Rules

Do you sell ice?

YES. We sell 5kg bags of Party Ice. Sorry, Block Ice not available.

Do you refill gas bottles?


Do Mobile Phones work at Bigriggen Park?

Generally there is limited mobile phone reception. A few of the specially designed Telstra “Country Tick” phones using Telstra’s Network may get good reception.

There is a Public Phone available for use during Kiosk hours.

Will I get TV reception at Bigriggen Park?

Only if you use a satellite dish.

Can I bring Bicycles?

Yes. Bicycles are allowed but remember, kids require parental supervision and helmets must be worn while riding in the park and along public roads.

Do you have Bicycles for hire?

NO. Public Liability restricts us.

Can I bring a Canoe?

YES, although access along the Logan River is limited.

Do you have Canoes for hire?

NO. Public Liability restricts us.

Can I bring Motorbikes?

Registered Road Bikes with low noise output are only permitted for use on the property as transport modes in and out of the Park.

Definitely no noisy or unregistered motorbikes are allowed to be used on the property or roads surrounding the property.

For all Bigriggen Rules go to Bigriggen Rules.

Can we bring Trailbikes or Quadbikes?

NO. They are definitely not permitted at Bigriggen Park under any circumstances.

For all Bigriggen Rules go to Bigriggen Rules.

Can we go 4WD’ing at Bigriggen Park?

NO. 4WD’ing is not permitted on the property. We require all vehicles to remain on the purpose made tracks as much as possible.

For all Bigriggen Rules go to Bigriggen Rules.

Can we fish in the Logan River?

YES. For the safety of wildlife and campers, please be responsible to ensure no hooks and tangled lines are left behind.

Bass, Perch, Mullet and Carp have been caught in the waterhole.

Carp must not be returned alive to the river. The best thing to do is to bring them to the Kiosk and we will dispose of them properly.

Do you sell bait?

YES. We usually have live worms for sale at the Kiosk.

Can we use a Generator?

Please select “Yes” on the Booking Request regarding Generators and also advise us at the Kiosk on your arrival if you wish to use a Generator.

Generators are allowed at the discretion of Management, subject to camping numbers at the time, but must only be used between the hours of:
8.00am – 10.00am and 5.00pm – 8.00pm and must be rated at 65 db. or less.

If Management receives a noise complaint, you will be asked to cease using your Generator. For all Bigriggen Rules go to Bigriggen Rules.

Is access to Bigriggen Park suitable for 2WD vehicles and caravans?

YES. The last 2 kilometres into Bigriggen Park is a gravel road but is suitable for all vehicles.

There is usually no problem with access for Caravans, Motorhomes, Buses, etc. to most areas in the Park.

Do you have Cabins?

No, but we have a Bunkhouse containing Bunkrooms, Dormitory, Kitchen and Hall for hire. (See Bunkhouse Page).

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