We hope that you enjoy your stay in the quiet, shady river surroundings of our park.

Information & Rules for your pleasant stay

Bigriggen Park is a caravan and camping park designed around families and we understand some of our rules may not sort some campers who may need to consider other venues.


Please download a PDF copy of these rules HERE.

  • All Guests must register at the office
  • On site management is accessible 24hrs a day in the events of an emergency only
  • Check in time can be no later than our office hours as we are subject to Work Health Safety act and it disturbs our guests in the park
  • Park Entry Permit: a coloured coded sticker must be fixed to your windowscreen throughout your stay. Please adhere the sticker to your windowscreen immediately as loss of permit could lead to your vehicle being parked in the visitor zone. Failure to apply the permit sticker to your vehicle lead to eviction form the park.
  • VISITOR POLICY: Any ‘Day Visitors’ must check into office and receive a day pass. During peak times we may need to restrict vehicle access to the park. Day visitor fees apply


  • At all times please consider your surrounds and the quiet enjoyment of other guests
  • A strictly enforced noise policy applies, No Noise after 10pm to ensure enjoyment for all guests
  • No loud music, radio controlled cars, drones, whips etc at any time
  • No offensive bad/language or behaviour
  • All forms of noise to be kept to an absolute minimum at all times


  • Fire pits are provided for camp fires if no fire pit is available set up you camp fire utilizing an existing campfire spot no closer than 3 metres to any tree or long grass. If none are available please have a small camp fire on the ground on bare earth. No rocks are permitted around camp fires as they can shatter and cause injury.
  • No digging of holes for camp fires
  • No cutting of Bigriggen trees, branches, logs for firewood or collection of logs etc from Bigriggen property or neighbouring properties
  • No bonfires or larger fires
  • No Fire Twirling
  • No Explosive devices in campfires
  • Do not leave camp fire unattended, camp fire must be extinguished with water (do not cover with sand or soil)
  • Allowing children to use items such as an axe, machete or saw, imposes a heavy responsibility onto the carer
  • For safety reasons please wear appropriate footwear, supervise children around camp fires and extinguish campfire when not in use


  • Dogs must be not aggressive and kept on a lead at all times and be kept within your own camp area.
  • Dogs are to have current immunisation and you are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.
  • Dogs are not permitted to enter any buildings or the main swimming area.
  • No dog is to be left on site without supervision. Dogs must not disturb other guests.
  • Failure to practice responsible dog ownership and adherence to above rules could lead to the dog and its owner being asked to leave the park


  • Generator hours 8:00am – 10:00am & 5:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Management must be advised if you wish to use it outside of these hours
  • Generators must be rated at 65db or less


  • Showers: coin operated $1 for approx 5 minutes (coins available at office). Extra amenities are opened on a needs basis.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult while using the amenities. Bikes are to be left in bicycle racks provided
  • Dump-Ezy: available for your portable waste. Environmentally friendly chemicals only. Sewerage system in operation at park


  • Parents are responsible for children at all times during your stay
  • Outside shower is provided for washing excessive mud off before entering amenities
  • Children riding bikes at Bigriggen must wear a bike helmet. Failure to do so during their stay may result in your child not being able to ride their bike during their stay with us
  • No riding of bikes after sunset without suitable lighting

General Rules & Information

Road Rules

  • Speed limit: 10kph (Walking Pace only) – this is a shared zone between vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife

ALL ROAD RULES APPLY while driving in park

  • Unlicensed Persons are not permitted to drive in park
  • No learner drivers fully licenced drivers only
  • No speeding or dangerous driving permitted within park
  • No drink driving
  • no travelling in or riding in back of utes, trailers, or vehicles etc
  • Bicycles: allowed to be ridden in park. Must wear bike helmets at all times. Children to have adult supervision. QLD road rules apply
  • Please report any dangerous driving to Management immediately before damage or an accident occurs
  • Public road into Bigriggen Park: the road into Bigriggen is a public road through private property. Speed limit is 40kph. Please do not enter the private property
  • TRAIL BIKES, QUAD BIKES, ATVS, etc: Strictly prohibited.
  • CHAINSAWS: Strictly prohibited.
  • TRENCHES: no digging of trenches or holes.
  • Waste disposal of all rubbish in securely tied bags. Bins are provided at the back of the amenities block.

Please keep your camp site clean and do not place bottles or any objects etc in your camp fire pits. Including flammable liquids or explosives.

  • No Rope swings
  • No weapons, rocket launchers etc.

Bush & Wildlife

Wildlife: you are in the Australia bush please come prepared. Bring your first aid kit, fly and insect spray and sunscreen. For safety reasons please wear appropriate footwear for around camp fires and walking in the bush, swimming in the river etc. You are camping amongst Australian wildlife (snakes, spiders, ticks)

  • Snakes, Spiders, & Ticks all live in and around the camping area. Remember, you are in the Australian Bush! Being up-to-date with first aid techniques & having a well-stocked first aid kit is important.
  • Keep Wildlife Wild : for your sake their and put all food stuffs away at night.
  • Widow Makers: Don’t camp under trees with large boughs, especially gums. Often called ‘widow makers’, they tend to snap off on still, silent days, and also in strong winds & lightning strikes.

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